Project Description

The Taranaki Network members love to cook! We decided we would like to make a meal in the style of My Kitchen Rules but with our own twist. We have called ourselves the ‘Network Kitchen Crew’. We designed our own aprons and recently held our first dinner at Louis’s home. The team who cooked called their instant restaurant ‘Superstars Restaurant’. We even made our own sausage rolls and homemade ice cream!

The Superstars Menu

We had a beautifully decorated table with placemats, place cards and folded serviettes. We had some cards with ideas of things to discuss during the meal, which was fun. Everyone scored 10/10 for an amazing meal!




Louis and Tim









Some comments from the members were:

  • ‘I loved it and I loved the rice and mango chicken. It was really awesome.’ ~ Samantha
  • ‘I liked the broccoli, chicken, rice, crumble and ice cream.’ ~ Tim
  • ‘I liked seeing the people.’ ~ Nicola
  • ‘The mango chicken was good and the crumble was da bomb! Cooking the meal was easy, fun. It was like a lovely dream.’ ~ Chris
  • ‘I loved everyone coming to my place. Chris is a good crumble maker (he is the bomb) and Jack is a really good ice cream maker. I loved to take the box of aprons and gave them to people when they came to my place.’ ~ Louis
  • ‘The meal tasted awesome, the table looked good.’ ~ Terrwynn
  • ‘It felt a bit like being in a restaurant. One day I would like to work in a restaurant, anything involved with food and drink.’ ~ Louis

Enjoying the meal are (L – R) Terrwynn, Samuel, Nicola (obscured), Jack,
Louis, Samantha, Tim and Chris

The Superstars team: (L–R) Terrwynn, Jack, Louis and Chris