Project Description

In July, Bruce Saunders and I went into Wellington with Kazu, Wendy, Walter, Keith, Theo and Damien. Bruce and I had to catch 8 buses there and back, which Bruce thoroughly enjoyed.

We arrived in Wellington and walked to Te Papa to see the ANZAC display. We saw all the giant soldiers up close. Although it was quite overwhelming to stand in front of the huge figures, it was really exciting. Bruce’s favourite part was trying on all the different hats that the soldiers wore back in WWI. It was fun! We even got to put poppies in a special place to commemorate the soldiers who lost their lives in WWI. On our way out the door, Theo decided he would like to take the donation box home and it was a huge laugh watching Theo trying to pick up the box.

Then we caught another bus up to the National War Museum. We saw the Unknown Soldier’s resting place. That was cool. Then inside the museum there were lots of poppies and crosses. We went to the ANZAC display and it was really exciting. There was a huge plane inside, a double decker bus and horses that looked real. We also saw lots of miniature figurines of the soldiers and the area they fought at in Gallipoli. It was really cool to look at.

After all of that excitement we went for lunch at the Reading foodcourt. Bruce enjoyed his lunch of Chinese. We had fun during lunch, which included Theo taking off to explore. Fortunately he didn’t go far. Then we all caught the bus together back to the Hutt and headed for home.

All in all it was a really exciting and happy day. Lots to see and lots of buses to catch!! We all had a great time.


Del Martin


Theo with the Te Papa donation box

Bruce outside the National War Museum

Theo at the ANZAC display