Project Description

The group on the Hutt Valley trip to Masterton

Walking the swing bridge

On Tuesday 10 November I went on a trip to Masterton for the day. I enjoyed the train ride and the scenery was fantastic. I liked walking around the park and looking at the deer. I overcame my fear of heights by walking over the swing bridge. The weather was beautiful and hot. I met some new people like Timo and his support workers, Stephen and Johan. We walked to and from the Masterton train station which took us 10 minutes each way. Lisa wasn’t happy that Alley sat with me on our way to Masterton so we sat at a table where four people could sit together on our way back to Wellington and then she didn’t feel left out.

Jenna Maguren

Lisa and Jenna on the swing bridge

Lisa, Jenna and Allyson in Masterton

Fun at the Masterton Fountain

Tavila at the fountain

I learnt how to get to Waterloo train station by myself. I woke up early and got to Waterloo station pretty early. I had to wait a couple of hours to see the group. I met everyone about 8.30am, then we took the train to Masterton. It was a cruisy and comfortable trip. I enjoyed the landscape. When we got there it was so hot and I found this fountain in the middle of town and just jumped in. I thought it was fresh water from the mountain, but it wasn’t. Anyway I had fun and enjoyed myself.

Tavila Asiata-Muese

A sunny day in Masterton

It was a nice hot day and we enjoyed ourselves as we got on the train at Waterloo at 8:44am. It took 1½ hours to get to Masterton. Once we got off the train we all walked to Queen Elizabeth Park where we had morning tea. Then we all walked around the duck pond and some of us visited the deer farm. After that we had lunch and some of us visited the free museum and some of us walked around the shops and some stayed at the park. We then walked back to catch the 3.40pm train home. The highlight of the trip was being out in the sun all day.

James Carr

Tracy, Jenny, Kirstina, Emma and James