Project Description

Georgiana holding her book, My Beautiful Trauma

My life has been full of events that will challenge many and provide a whole new meaning to resilience. My journey began when I was adopted from Romania in 1990 at a few months old and was diagnosed with Hepatitis B which I had contracted at the orphanage. As a young child, I was rejected by my adoptive family, later diagnosed with SLE (lupus), and underwent intensive treatment. I suffered a stroke at twenty-two and was further diagnosed with fibromyalgia and functional neurological disorder (FND/NFD), AKA ‘brain freeze’.

These experiences have given me a great insight into the realities of living with chronic illnesses and I would like to offer my experiences and the lessons I have learned along the way to improve life for individuals and their families who are affected by chronic illness. 

I have learned to be resourceful, to speak up for myself, and feel there are practical changes that could be made within the health system and education of health professionals that would improve the experience and outcomes of people with chronic illnesses. I am a regular blogger, and have recently published my autobiography, ‘My Beautiful Trauma’ and launched my new online portfolio –

Each week Georgiana writes a new blog about with tips, advice, insights and reflections into life with Chronic illness, so check our her new landing page at to see what it’s all about.