Project Description

Hi, my name is Mark Albert Anthony Beckett. My iwi is Ngāti Porou. I was born in Foxton and I have been living in Palmerston North for the last 20 years. I live with my partner Lorraine Sadé Taylor. We come from a large family/whānau in Ōtaki and I keep in touch with my older sister Kathy who lives in New Plymouth. My friends are Richard, Graham, Blair, Caroline, Carol, Mikey and Keani.

My star sign is Leo the lion. I love lions and collect lion ornaments. I also love Bob Marley reggae music, drum and base with techno reggae. I also love Rhianna music in reggae. I also love rock music and some of my favourite bands are Bon Jovi, Pink Floyd, Jimmy Hendrix, Billy Idol, Exponents, U2, Green Day, Led Zeppelin, Def Leopard, Genesis, ACDC and Thin Lizzy. I also love Seal, Tracy Chapman, Phil Collins and Simply Red. I love New Zealand and African American comedy adventure movies. I enjoy Pirates of the Caribbean with Johnny Depp, the Harry Potter movies, Lord of the Rings and The Gods Must Be Crazy. I also like Billy T James and Barry Crump comedy.

I have six bicycles. A blue chopper, red chopper, mountain bike, 10 and 12 speed road bikes and a trike. The blue chopper is my baby. On good days I cruise around town on my baby and some people tell me I have a cool bike. I also got my red chopper back, which somebody had stolen and replaced some parts with other bike parts. My support worker Peter is helping me to try and restore it as much as possible.

Finding old chopper parts is difficult and it might be too expensive to restore it like it was before. Peter from the Green Bike Trust (different Peter) suggested that I should wait until spring before I carry on with the project, and see if any parts are available then, so I’m leaving it until after winter.


Mark Beckett