Project Description

Me in my karate uniform

Sam and my brother-in-law, Tui, came over from Sydney, Australia and stayed with my mum, dad and me for 4 nights. It was really good to see them. While they were here we went out for dinner and lunch. I had a great big hamburger. Hamburgers are my favourite food, especially the ones with 2 meat patties. One morning my sister cooked all of us bacon, eggs and mushrooms for breakfast. I miss my sister now she has gone home.

Graeme Harris


Look at the trophy I won at Ten Pin Bowling in Hastings. My score was 203 points, which was my best score. I’m trying to get to 300 points. I am very good at ten pin bowling. I go there on Fridays with a group from DRC. When I go on Saturday mornings I take a taxi to the bowling range. Some days I have hot chips and a drink while I’m at bowling. One day I purchased a concession card for lots of games—it cost me $39 but I saved money because it gave me extra games. My sister Sam brought me a purple bowling ball and my parents brought me bowling shoes for my birthday and I take them to bowling.

With my ten pin bowling ball and trophy