Project Description

I went on the Disability Outward Bound course in August. Lisa and Heather went with me. We caught the interisland ferry from Wellington to Picton. It was a calm sailing until we got near Picton and then it was bumpy.

Outward Bound staff met us and we all got on a launch to travel to the camp. There were eight staying in my cabin, four girls and four boys. We ate our meals in the dining room area. We had to help set the table before we ate. Our meals were prepared for us and we had to do the dishes after we had eaten.

We went into the bush and did abseiling – it was a little bit scary. We had a long walk of 3km on the Queen Charlotte Track to a beach. We had a fire there and cooked our food on a stick.

We made a raft out of wood and tied it with string and taped it on the corners. When it was made we went out on the water in it. We all had helmets and life jackets on. They used oars to move it across the water. I laughed because I got all wet. Another time we all jumped off the wharf into the water. It was cold but it was fun.

We all went on a big sailing boat around the Sounds and we saw dolphins and they were swimming beside the boat. We also saw seals swimming in the water. It was nice sailing on the water.

The last night we all slept overnight in the bush in a tent. It was a bit scary but I did enjoy it. We had to make a fire to cook our dinner and breakfast. We played games like hide and seek. I could see the sea – it was blue and calm and it looked great.

Walking in the bush, I saw glow worms in the dark. They were cool. I heard the birds chirping and singing. I saw a kiwi – it looked nice and had green eyes.

We did a 3.2 km run which I enjoyed. It was a challenge but I achieved it.

We then packed up our bags back at camp and caught the launch back to Picton. From there we caught the ferry back to Wellington. It was wet and rough.

I really enjoyed the whole week at camp and met some new people from different parts of New Zealand. I achieved things I had never done before and I felt good learning these new skills.


Emmagene Wilson