Project Description

Lisa’s story

I have competed in both of the previous TriAbility triathlons. The last two times I completed the individual race where I did the swimming, biking and walking. This year I thought it would be fun to compete as part of a team, so I asked my flatmate, Allyson. She was keen to do the walking and I was happy to do the swimming. We just needed to find someone for the biking leg, so I spoke to Dorothy, from the resource centre. She said that she would find someone to be a part of our team and do the biking. My support worker, Wendy, bumped into Stacey who said that she had spoken with Dorothy and would be happy to join our team and compete in the biking – yay, our team was established!

We have all been training hard and we are all ready to go on Saturday 18 March. My mum is going to take us all over and support us and my support worker, Wendy, will do the biking and walking alongside Stacey and Allyson.

Allyson’s story

I was asked by my flatmate Lisa if I wanted to be part of a team to compete in the TriAbility. As I had not done a TriAbility before this sounded like fun and I said that I was happy to do the 3km walk. I have been training for this over the past few months with regular workouts at the gym alongside Lisa. I am looking forward to being part of a team with Lisa and Stacey.

Stacey’s story

I was approached at MIX by Dorothy about joining in the TriAbility. I did well in the last one I entered 2 years ago so I thought ‘Yeah, why not? I will give it a go.’

I have been practicing my bike riding and we checked my bike over to make sure it is good for the race. I pumped up the tyres so I knew they would be good and I checked my helmet. I am excited about it and wish everyone good luck.

Please read the next issue of The Connector! where we will share our achievements and photos of our day.

Lisa Kiernan, Allyson Moore and Stacey Hughes