Support For People to Live in Their Own Homes

Community Connections can provide a Supported Living service to people whose needs assessment states this as a service option.

Our Supported Living service covers the entire Wellington region, through to the Kapiti Coast, Palmerston North, Taranaki, the Bay of Plenty and the Hawke’s Bay region.

Features of this service include:

  • You can live in your own home
    • This might be a flat or a house
  • You may share with other people or live by yourself
    • Your Whanau/family or support worker can help you find somewhere to live if needed and you will need to pay a bond, if required, sign a Tenancy Agreement Form and pay the rent every week or fortnight
    • Your Whanau/family or support worker can support you to do this
  • You can receive support to learn the skills you need to live independently
    • This may include support to learn to cook meals, clean the house, do the shopping, manage your money etc
    • Although your support worker can support you to learn these things, they cannot do them for you
    • It is important that you understand that you will need to learn to do as much as possible
  • You will keep all of your benefit payments and/or wages
    • Any WINZ benefit and/or wages paid to you is your own money
  • You will need these to pay for the rent, food, power, telephone, transport, medication costs etc
    • You will be responsible for paying all of your living expenses
    • This is very difficult for lots of people, but your support worker can support you with things like a budget plan and organising automatic payments with the bank
  • Your Whanau/family can continue to be a part of your life
    • Your support worker will keep in contact with your Whanau/family from time to time so they know how you are doing
    • Your support worker will be respectful of the role your Whanau/family have in your life
    • Your Whanau/family may want to offer support you when you move, such as ring to see how things are going, visit you at your home, offer help or advice with difficult things
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