What is Neighbourhood Connections?

Neighbourhood Connections is an alternative way of supporting people who experience disability to live the life they choose.

Neighbourhood Connection groups (sometimes called network groups) are groups of people who choose to come together in order to help each other grow.

A group usually consists of nine members and each member has skills and talents that make them unique.

The members use their skills and talents to help each other, while forming lasting friendships.

Members of a network group can help each other by…

– sharing ideas
– sharing experiences
– sharing dreams & goals
– using their strengths to help other
– offering advice
– looking out for each other
– helping each other learn more about
their community
– having fun together

Networks is great because its introduced me to people who will always be there and able to talk to me.


The network helps me to see light. Before I joined the network I was at the end of the dark tunnel; now I’m maybe a third of the way along.


It means you can live independently….. Do things for yourself, with support.


We’re really excited about what’s happening in our Neighbourhood Connections.

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